Arrow Season 2, Episode 3: Broken Dolls
"There’s someone new in town. A woman. She’s targeting men who target women."
Arrow Season 2, Episode 2: Identity
“I used to feel the same way as you. He has this way of seducing you. Making you feel like he’s some kind of guardian angel. But he’s not. He causes chaos and death. And you trying to emulate him just makes the situation worse.”
Which means you’ll never be a hero.
Arrow Season 2, Episode 1: City of Heroes
I’m not coming back to Starling City. I can’t. My mission, my father’s list - it was a fool’s crusade. And I failed. Malcolm Merlyn destroyed The Glades. Tommy died. And The Hood couldn’t stop it, so don’t ask me to put it on again. Ever.”
I spent six years in the darkness
Thought I could still be Thea Queen
Anonymous: hey I was just wondering what font you use for most of your graphics (the ones for Slade and Shado, for example)? it's really pretty! thank you your edits are beautiful!

Thank you! :) I think the font you’re looking for is Dubiel Plain. You can download it here.



It’s been a ride, right? I just want to say thanks for following this little graphics blog. I haven’t been as active as I wanted to be the past couple of weeks (you can thank school for that, lol), but I try my best to put out a graphic with the free time I have. I’ll try to make up for it during this summer hiatus.

Here are my thoughts on the finale & Season 2 under the cut.

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We made it, guys. Arrow Season 2 finale is TONIGHT! 8 PM EST on The CW!

I’ll blog my finale & season 2 thoughts like I did last season within the next couple of days…For now, enjoy the show!