But you never stop to think what you might do to them.
He’s not the man you think he is…Because I know Oliver Queen is The Arrow.
Does this group have a name, like “Team Arrow" or something?
His name is Slade Wilson and unless we stop him he’s going to kill Oliver and his entire family.

A few great Arrow-related blogs to follow!


I thought about making this list for all of those who don’t have enough Arrow blogs on their dash. Now, I can only add blogs I know, so this is going to be kinda biased, but these are all awesome blogs/people. Neither of them are the shipwaring kind, regardless of their shipping preferences, none of them post hate, so you should be fine. :)

  • oliverjqueen | a really good Arrow graphics blog everyone should check out.
  • felicitysmoak-ed | as the URL suggests this is a great place for Felicity fans, BUT wow, I mean you wouldn’t believe the amount of awesome Arrow-ladies related edits and posts you will get on your dash if you press that follow button!
  • runesc | dorka is an IRL friend of ours. she runs a multi-fandom blog, but she edits a lot of pics of the Arrow ladies, including Katie, EBR or Caity.
  • felicityholysmoak | another favorite blog of mine, Mikaylah is super nice, and makes really pretty edits!
  • amellywood | A really great multi-fandom, but very much Arrow-related blog by Cindy, who is great and sweet, and funny, and you will not regret following her either.
  • ladiesofarrow | I think no further explanation is necessary here.
  • johnteller | Mini makes perfect graphics, and this multi-fandom blog is one of the best things that could happen to your dash.
  • fuckyeaharrowedits | the name says it all I think, but I guess yup, FUCK YEAH.
  • colindonnell | Madison is such a sweet person, and loves Stephen so much and this blog is so great I really wanted to feature it on this list.
  • lost-neverlander | Marta makes perfect graphics and is generally really nice to everyone, and her blog is beautiful, so…
  • arrowedd | a really great Arrow centric blog that everyone should check out!

Aww, thank you so much! I really appreciate it. :) This is a great list of Arrow blogs, if anyone needs more to follow!

D E M O N S; An Oliver Queen Mix
Anonymous: what font did you use here post/70128990307/once-he-has-lost-everyone-and-everything-he

Dubiel Plain! You can download it here!